25-26 August 2016

Starting at 8:15 AM


Beijing, China

University of Chicago Center in Beijing

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Promoting Evidence Based Interventions in Mental Health across Disciplines: Strategies for Collaboration at the UChicago Center in Beijing

The goals of this conference are to raise awareness of mental health issues and improve the health of global citizens affected by mental health illness through collaborative efforts with our international partners. We aim to promote education, implement interventions, and advance research towards enhancing the field of mental health. We will highlight a diverse set of topics ranging from cutting edge research and technology, updates in mental health education and training, as well as clinical applications of effective community-based interventions. As part of the University of Chicago Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, we share our institution’s mission to enhance partnerships in China and transcend borders in pursuit of intellectual inquiry and advancing the field of mental health. We invite you to join us to participate in this international forum as we together address global challenges in mental health.


促进跨学科循证干预精神疾病: 合作策略,北京2016年8月

 本次会议的宗旨是提高对精神疾病的意识,并通过与国际伙伴的协作努力以提高全球受心理疾病困扰公民 的整体健康。我们的目标是促进教育,落实措施,加强心理健康领域的研究。 我 们 介绍的内容将包括前沿的科研成果和技术,精神卫生教育和培训及有效社区干预的临床应用。 精神及神经行为科学作为芝加哥大学的一个分枝, 我们将分享我们机构的使命,通过加强在中国的合作伙伴关系,以寻求超越国界的知识探索,促进心理健康领域的发展。我们邀请您与我们一起参加本次国际论坛,共同解决这一全球性心理健康的挑战


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The University of Chicago Center in Beijing is funding this project. There is no registration fee & food will be provided; however, space will be limited to the first 160 people who register.

芝加哥北京中心将资助该项目。 研讨会没有注册费并提供简单的午餐但位置有限,会议能容纳160人, 额满为止.

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The University of Chicago Center in Beijing

Culture Plaza 20th floor 59A Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100872 咨询有限公司 芝加哥大学北京中心 北京市海淀区中关村大街甲59号 文化大厦20层 (邮政编码: 100872

Center in Beijing
The University of Chicago, USA

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